Thursday, April 22, 2010

7 days.

The last 7 days feels like it's been 7 years, but it all felt like it passed in 7 minutes. 

I've told the story of what happened too many times, so maybe next time I'll sit down and rewrite it.  So one day. If the memories start to get foggy I can come back here.  And relive it. ( sounds kinda morbid huh? )

Well, My grandmom finally left us.  7 days ago.  I'm still in denial.  This whole experience is so surreal.  I never imagined it would hurt SO much.  Everyday that passes. I think to myself. Wow Grandmom woulda have loved today. Look how beautiful it is.  Or when my babies learn something new. I'm sad that she won't know.  Before all this. I was set on having another baby next year, but now?  I couldn't imagine having another child and having them NOT have met her.  I know my life needs to continue.  I know even though she's gone, that as long as she's in our hearts she'll never be truly gone .  I know time heals everything.  I know all those cliches.  But how can time heal the pain, when every minute that passes I miss her more? 

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