Monday, August 23, 2010

My life in Ruins..

No not the movie. LITERALLY.  You know how they say. The order of your home is the order of your life?  Or something to that matter.  Well, my home needs a total over haul.  Easy right?  Doesn't help if my home, is 90% of my stress.  So to avoid the stress my method is always to run.  I don't talk about it, think about, stress about it, Therefore it's not there?  Not a very good way of solving the problem I know. 

A while ago I was reading the Secret.  I made it half way through. Big surprise.  I tried doing something and did it half assed.  I get side tracked too easily. Something else I need to work on .  Well, aside from having to think positive thoughts to recieve positive results.  It also teaches you that you need to start the day off on the right foot.  ( Didn't our moms tell us this growing up?) I have most definitely not been doing that. I do not do my hair. I do not dress properly. I am basically a bum, unless I need to leave the house.  Well no more ! Starting tomorrow I am starting off on the right foot. I will do my hair. I will get dressed.  It will be nasty out so no I will not be leaving the house, but I will do something either then stress out about organizing a house that will never be organized when I can barely organize myself.