Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was just flipping through an old issue of glamour and I came across a few things that got on my nerves. Thought I'd post real quick on it. ( I know. I need to update BELLA!! haha)

1.  When any magazines throw onto the front cover " Cheap finds under X dollars".  I EXPECT a cheap find.  If X dollar is thrown into the mix.  I EXPECT the entire outfit to be under X dollar NOT $50 for the TANK and $45 for the shoes.  That's truly bullocks.  I * heart * when someone compliments me on my outift and I can freely and honestly say " Oh ! Top from such place for $10 and shorts from such place for $15!  "  So please spare me the BS mags!!!  X amount is X amount not X amount for ONE piece of the entire outifit.

2.  When they do the whole body language issues.  They use an awkward photo of a certain couple ( and most often AFTER said couple has already broken up )  and state how so and so is looking at a different direction, while she stares LONGINGLY for his attention. For example. There was a photo of Shia Labouf making out w/ his girlfriend on a carriage of some sort, and they said he wasn't fully commited because he had a tight grip on the handle bar.  I mean what if he was just holding on cuz he DIDN'T WANNA FALL OFF!!!    I mean come on !!  Bring me a video of them doing this cat chases bird game for a few minutes SHOWING what you are stating is correct!! WHO doesn't have an awkward photo?!  I'm sorry if I had a papparazzi chasing after me all day. ALL my photos w/ my significant other would be awkward.

Ok just had to rant. New post soon !