Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dedicated to my girl Bella !!

So.  I promised my chickie there that I would update.  So I dedicate this to my girl Bella .  Go follow her and her fabulous blog at princessbelle-agirlsworld.blogspot.com

So this is my daily beauty routine.
I am really happy with my Loreal Infallible never fail makeup.  It seriously has staying power, and does not rub off my clothing ( my biggest damn pet peeve ) nor my little chunker's when I kill her with kisses.

 But if I don't think i'll be out for the entire day and need lasting power.  This Maybelline SuperStay Makeup is passable.  It's coverage is just as great as the Loreal Infallible, but it does not compare in staying power.

 This Bronzer I got AGES ago from Victoria Secret's and I really love it.  It doesn't make me look super orange , and it has just a light shimmer in it, which is what I find is lacking from other bronzers I look find.

This blush I got from Body Shop. I was super hesitant with this one, and I'm still kinda on the fence about it !  It does give me great color.  Like I just came in from the cold, and the apples of my cheek just has the perfect tone of pink, BUT if I swirled a lil too much to the lighter side, I find it leaves my cheeks just too "pearly" for my liking.
I don't care what anyone says.  Maybelline Lash Blast  is just the absolute best, and if they ever discontinue it I will be truly upset.  That is why I have 4 extra tubes just in case. It makes my lashes super lush.  And even though it does add a nice amount of length. I am still wanting MORE !

This is where Maybelline Lash Blast LENGTH comes in.  I was sooooo excited when this came out. I figured it's gotta be the answer to my mascara wishes !  The volumizing awesomness of it's sister Lash Blast, but WITH lengthening power too !?!?!  I broke this baby open soon as I got home, and it just didn't knock me outta the park ! It did lengthen my lashes really well, but they were so skinny !!  I want my waist line to be skinny NOT my lashes. So I know lengthen my lashes w/ the last blast length then fatten it up w/ last blast .  Match made in heaven
Now I've tried eye liners , and shadows, and powders from the rest, but this is the BEST, and the BEST only comes from MAC.  The colors are so rich and so true.  Plus it just has great lasting power.

Fluidline from MAC in microviolet. Just the perfect color for a liner.  Not as harsh as blacktrack, but not as boring as brown.

MAC fluidline $15.00

You apply it with this baby. The brushes from MAC just can't compare.  Keep them clean, and they will last forever.  This baby was $19.50  but worth every penny.
Now this is definitely not my everyday go to color, but it's my go to when I'm grabbing drinks , or going out with the girls.  A little goes a long way. I've had this for ages now, and as you can see, barely made it half way through.
MAC pigment pot $19.50


  1. ahhhhhh i LOVE it!!!! what a great post and a dedication to me with a link to my blog I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    now you gotta do one showing it on your face!! xxxx

  2. LOL bella, I just realized you commented. I figure NO ONE reads this so NO ONE will comment. haha I will have to post a picture w/ the make up on, but girlfriend. I only go thru the effort of putting the makeup on the weekends, and i just wipe on the mascara and call it a day ! But I will try soon to do it. xoxo