Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Been a while.

Geez I haven't written anything in MONTHS ! How'd the time pass so fast?

No surprise, no followers yet. Are you out there??? If your reading can you click "follow" just so it wouldn't be so depressing when I log back on to check ? haha.

So I've kinda gone back and forth in the last few posts I have up. Not really sure what direction I should go ! So I've decided. To post about EVERYTHING ! I love shopping, and I love my kids. I love food ( maybe a little too much!) So expect to see updates with all these things!

For now.

I am obsessed with this place!

They are like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Wegmans all rolled into one. Not very big, but great to walk through! They have this AMAZING pumpkin Spice coffee. DE-lish!

Anyone that knows me. Knows that I am a TOTAL Bath & Body whore. I use nothing but their body wash and anti-bac hand soap, and have been for YEARS. When "Leaves" came out for this season. I was SO excited and couldn't wait to break out the anti-bac and Candle I bought.

The soap smelled AMAZING!

The Candle? So disappointed.

I am also in LOVE with this dish washing liquid. Smells so good, and really does keep me from
getting dishpan hands !

Well, I'll leave you on this note. I thought it was pretty funny. Clearly states " this is not junk mail " on the envelope, but YET they are CLEARY trying to sell me something . Now if I don't need thier product, and it's cluttering my mailbox. Is it not INDEED junk mail? As you can see I ripped it THEN decided it was worthy of a photo.

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