Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time to take out the trash

If I have never mentioned it before.  I HATE HATE HATE my neighbors..

When we first moved in.  She acted as though she wanted me practically part of the family. Told everyone how lucky she was to have had me move in next door.  That is was "destined" to be because we also shared the same name.  She invited me over for dinner every week.  She gave us stuff ( albeit used, but none the less).  It was truly awkward.  We'd have to make excuses up as to why we couldn't make it to dinner.  Not an easy feet considering our FRONT DOOR literally faces each other. 

THEN it just became ridiculous.  She started knocking on my door literally everyday.  Can I borrow some ice? I ran out of dish detergent for the washer, would you have some more?  What are you cooking? Smells great any extra?  Can I borrow your hose to wash my deck? my car? water my plants? (takes said hose and uses it. While it's still attached to my house).  These are all real things they've asked me for.  I never said one thing. Just bent over and gave it to them.  Even when they got yet ANOTHER dog, and her lazy, drug addicted, drunk of a lazy ass daughter started letting the lil rat shit on my lawn.  Still I said nothing. Just picked up the crap. 

They have 5 million cars that they park all over the place. In the recent blizzard we had.  They LITERALLY blocked in my husband's truck.  When the hubster went to leave for work 6 in the morning, he could not get out of the space.  So Ms. Bitch comes out w/ her keys, and TELLS my husband to MOVE HER CAR.  So he does and thanks her graciously.  She said "your welcome".  10 hours later, my husband comes home from work, and her husband comes over and says to him that HE SAW my husband BUMP his car. My husband said he really doesn't think so , if he did he would not have a problem apologizing for it. But he apologizes none the less. They are relentless !!  kept ragging on and on about it, and then says  " so I see how it is" . How WHAT is ?  I want to ask him !  And if in deed my husband BUMPED their truck. Why did the bitch bring the keys out ?? Why didn't she straight up say " hey you hit my truck !" and have the situation resolved?

There's SO much to this story that I have left out.  There's just tooo much to put down. But the point being is.  How is it possible that I've dealt w/ their shit for nearly 3 years, and this ONE incident they THOUGHT happened they chew my husbands ass our for it???  So now it's just plain uncomfortable.  I don't say anything to them.  but I hate walking around and feeling like I'M the asshole.  When it's so obviously THEY are.  They breezeway we share is a mess.  Their still assholes, and they are still gonna let their lil rat of a dog shit on my lawn.  FML

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