Thursday, July 23, 2009


Am I a mother ? Should I be posting blogs about my 2 girls.. My daily challenges of finding my own identity. In the mix of carpooling, summer reading, potty training, tripping over toys, and wrangling my 7 yr old & 15 month old into the back seat of my 2 door coupe. Do I talk about the great deals i got on daipers, and the tricks I've learned from motherhood?

Am I a wife? Should I rant about my husband . How he didn't even noticed that I bought all the ingredients to make his favorite meal. How he completely forgot to get me a mother's day/birthday/anniversary card, but sheepishly gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me more then any card or gift can represent. How he at the same time can make me regret ever marrying, but also do that cute little thing he does that reminds me of how much I love him, and couldn't imagine life with someone else?

Or am I still ME.. To have the endless budget I had once upon a time. Before the kids & the mortgage. Post pictures of all wonderful things I bought on my last rampage at the shops, and swoon over things I plan on getting. The endless hours I can spend just walking through Sephora. The endless nights being fabulous over Veuve-Clicquot , Cran & Stoli O., oh my.

Who am I ?

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